Kevin Lagasse


Hi there, I’m Kevin Lagasse. I’m a performer working and living in Manhattan.


After graduating from Marymount Manhattan College on the Upper East Side of Manhattan Kevin has been working in the entertainment business ever since.

For the past three years, Kevin has been working with Disney Cruise Line. He has portrayed numerous Disney Characters in Frozen, Tangled, & Aladdin and many others. Most recently, Kevin completed a contract as the swing & dance captain aboard the Disney Wonder.


“Lagasse’s soaring voice is the emotional through-line of the evening…” -BWW


Upcoming: Ogunquit Playhouse - Junior Players

Kevin will be choreographing Frozen Jr. for Ogunquit Playhouse’s children’s theatre. Frozen Jr. will be cast with kids ages 10 to 18 and will run for three weeks between July 15 and August 4.




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"The tribe is then co-led by the captivating Kevin Lagasse as Claude. From the bright "Manchester England" through the soulful "Where Do I Go" to the defiant "Hair", Lagasse's soaring voice is the emotional through-line of the evening. He's equally compelling as the conflicted draftee holding a draft card over a barrel fire (or is it something else?); as the soldier readying his jump out of a helicopter above the jungles of Viet Nam; and especially in the 30 seconds during which his character is shot repeatedly."

"Kevin Lagasse is thoroughly engaging as the tribe’s chieftain. Beginning with his delivery of the lyrics, “I believe in God, and I believe that God believes in Claude, that’s me,” he is the ultra-confident and sexy alpha male leading the tribe into Learyland. He is a lithe and athletic dancer, and his strong voice rings true in numbers like “Manchester, England” and “I Got Life.” And his performance in dramatic scenes – especially near the final curtain – is at once subtle and heart-wrenching."

ptownie - hair

"Lagasse handles Claude's confusion, his unpopular decision, and his acceptance of its consequences with grace and aplomb... and makes one's heart ache for him."





Currently seeking representation Non-Equity

5' 8"

145 lbs

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